Burn the Witch!

    For many people who have no idea about gothic subculture, Gothic style is often associated with Dark Arts and Satanism. All those symbols, such as pentagrams, moons, strange tattoos, “vampire” appearance, eccentric crowns with horns and many other similar things seem to be … Continue readingBurn the Witch!

Oh My Goth!!

In collaboration with Midnight Raven Store! What is Gothic Fashion? Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious and antiquated features. Most people who choose to dress with that way are lovers of the Goth subculture. Typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion … Continue readingOh My Goth!!

I Am The Weirdo

How many times did you get the bus and people looked at you like you were an Alien? How many times had you noticed unknown people on the road look at you leeringly?  It happens to everyone who has an alternative style. It happens also … Continue readingI Am The Weirdo