Style And Age

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One of the things I have noticed over the last five years as an adult alternative woman is the fact that there are only a few alternative people at my age.

Almost every alternative girl I used to know in High School as well as some old friends I was hanging out with in Uni, have been turned into “normal” basic chicks. I would like to clarify that isn’t bad to be trendy or “basic” but it’s really a pity to be alternative and decide to change yourself in order to follow the mainstream. The excuse is always this fucking one:
“You‘re getting older”
I’m still thinking guys, seriously, what’s wrong with me? Have I  sticked on my seventeen and deny growing up or am I totally insane to have that alternative gothic style as an adult?
I am not really sure about the answer on this question but the only thing that I know is that I must follow my heart instead of logic !


Life is too short to be “normal”

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What to be normal really means? Who has been set the determination of normality? Which are the rules?

If to be normal means :
• I should act and live MY life with a specific way that other people decide for ME

• I am afraid of being a kind of funny, stupid and laugh with myself sometimes

• I have to dress as other people around me do in order not to be misunderstood

• I am afraid of being judged by other people at my age, or my friends

•I hesitate to follow my heart and dreams


Many people who know me peronally and see my photos on IG or Facebook, posing on a horse transformed into a Night Elf , may still wonder:
“What happen to her? Why does she do that?”
Guys I don’t really thing I have to apologize for something or prove to the world who I really am.

I have a dream to follow, a big goal to haunt and only one life to live. I have found my way into lternative fashion and I will do whatever it takes in order to make my dreams come true. I am too big to “make those stupid things», yeah maybe I am big enough to know what I want from my life .

I am big enough to wrap the will and lead my fate where I want my life to be instead of working as a teacher ( could be ) getting married and make a family , spending  the rest of my life into the same job, place and country till the day I die.


Style With Expiry Date

Is there an age limit for alternative people?
I really can’ t understand how is it possible a person to change his/her alternative style with a turn of 360 degrees, all in all because he/she has been grown up . Getting older doesn’t mean to lose your style identity and character, getting older means that you can develop your alternative style INSTEAD OF BEING ANOTHER PERSON.
You can keep your Gothic, Punk, Rock etc style on your thirty too!
I am not telling that you should be dressed as you were in High school, what I mean is that you can develop your alternative style and lead it to the next level.


It’s Really Fun To Be Alternative

If you like alternative style but you still hesitated if you should follow it or not because “you’re a quite old for being Goth” for example, I recommend you to burn the bridges of normality and join us.
It’s really amazing to wear whatever make you happy and express your inner self without giving any attention on other people around you. I love my long dresses, my Victorian coats, my corset and I don’t give a damn if people  looking at me like an UFO every time I get into a bus.

I know that they admire not necessary me, but the fact that I have the guts to dress like that without being afraid of JUDGING
The most important thing is feeling ok with yourself, if you are happy into your clothes not even the most maleficent gaze can’t bring you down.
My dear friend, we don’t know if today is our last day on this world and we are not even sure how many years are left, why to spent this time imprisoned into a bubble of fear surrounded by DOs and DONTs instead of going out there, and

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