The Alternative Side Of Instagram + Interview With Kimi Peri

It is commonly accepted that over the last five years Instagram is considered to be the number one social media platform. More and more people from all around the world, upload their photos on a daily basis and try to create their own aesthetic niche. Moreover there are many people who consider Instagram as their bussiness and have it as their main income job.

As far as our alternative community is concerned, what’s our true relationship with Instagram?

I really believe that an alternative girl who loves fashion and tries to be updated about the new brands releases, is a hundred times more into things even than the biggest Kylie Jenner’s fan!

In my opinion this occurs because even there are thousand alternative models all around the globe, our community is still limited due to its unique character. There are specific alternative brands with clothing, shoes, accessories etc. So when you follow all those brands you tend to know most of their clothes and models because they are appeared on your home page all the time again and again. Our Instagram alternative community is very specific and we know each other somehow. We can create tight bonds, find inspiration and make new friends. Those are some of the benefits that Instagram has to offer.

Now I would like to think more deeply all those people that you admire for their amazing style and wish to look like them one day. How would you be in their real life? Do they look so stylish even when they go to the greengrocer store ? Are they indeed rich and famous? Answer is No! And I know it because I am one of the girls who over the last year I begun blogging and work as an Instagram influencer.

When I was totally new to the social media world and I was scrolling down on gothic pages and tags and all I have noticed was that there are thousands of alternative models out there. Especially when it comes to gothic pages I was searching for gothic models and the contect that i found it was extremely high.

One more thing that I noticed was how was it possible for young girls  especially in the year of 2018 when financial crisis is consider to be a massive issue, to be able to buy and wear all those well known brand clothes. Is alternative style destined individually for rich people? Or you just can’t be an original alternative blogger/Instagrammer if you don’t wear brands?


Let’s be honest! Alternative style expectations are far away from reality.


Girls that you see on social media posing with well known name brands aren’t the rich girl that you think. Not all of their clothes are branded.. and usually they don’t even buy all these stuff that they wear. Most of them work mainly as an influencer for the companies that they promote via their pictures and tags.This means that brands reward Instagrammers for their services (huge content with pictures with their clothes, advertising, articles and blog posts) by sending them clothes for free. You may think that’s cool and everyone can do it but trust me they work really hard in order to have the photo content you see and they definitely worth at last don’t to pay for the product that they promote.


To continue with a second myth about Alternative Instagram girls. They aren’t always like you see them on instagram with long victorian coats and lacy chockers.They usually have that style for hanging out or for an evening walk . They don’t go to the supermarket or to their work place like as if they came from London Edge’s  runaway, for God’s sake. Of course they keep their own style in their daily lifes but in a simplier edition.


They aren’t so famous as you think they are. Due to the fact that our community, no matter how big it is, it’s still limited , we tend to know most of the top IG alternative models. These people even instagram models with more than 100k followers, are well known only alternative communities members not by the rest people. They don’t sign autographs every time they go in to a public place. They are just people who do what they love and have achieved to build a significant amount of audience around their name.

I will close this article with one more issue that I have noticed since I took my first steps in Instagram word and this is called: the scourge of copying.


Just like every artistic creation into this world nothing is original and everything is made based in a pattern but this is a common true and not the perfect excuse for free copying. To have a role model as a fashion reference and inspiration it’s something totally different from doing what other people do.

To be more specific, everyone in this world who has achieved something big in his/her life and stood out, it was because he/she was different.

How will you achieve the target of becoming a well known model,if you copy your “friends” clothing, outfits, photo content and their feed colors ?
Isn’t it obvious , that this way will not work for anyone as a beneficial art for further recognition in the world of fashion

I really admire people who dare to be themselves and they’ re original to what they do.

If you decide to follow a career as an alternative Instagrammer you have to know that you will be surrounded not only by fans but also haters hidden behind their hideous friendly mask. You will meet many people on your way who will  be jealous of you they will try to copy and want to bring you to your knees.

It would be better to keep your mouth shut and don’t tell your plans and dreams to anyone before they actually happen. There are many girls out there who are dying to know what will be your next photoshoot plans in order to steal and do them beforehand. Do not share your enthusiasm with your new friend about what you do because she will automatically wants to begin a career like yours and try to come in contact with the brands you promote even if she had never expressed before her will to follow a career like yours. No matter if she didn’t have no idea until yesterday, she saw the holy light and now she is considering herself as an alternative model ! Is it wrong?

These people are just pathetic and obsessive stalkers ! Let them go to hell and don’t spend your energy by getting angry on them. Instead of falling onto their trap, You should focus on all those things that make you unique and on your goal to be better. All those rats are not even worth your attention.

To conclude with the fact that , alternative people nowadays have a relationship of strong interaction with Instagram.The question is, how you can use this amazing platform with so many opportunities? You will spend your whole time and energy by stalking other peoples lifes or you will search for inspiration in order to create your own alternative aesthetic and style ?

Which life do you want to live?
Your or Theirs?

But let’s ask someone more into the things…One of the top well known Alternative Instagram Models! Yes, it’s the stylish Kimi Peri!

Dear sweetie-Kimi, I’d like to say a Big ‘’Thank You’’ for your interview on my Alternative Fashion Blog. It’s very important for our community to be united and everyone of us contribute with his/her way.For our amazing world to keep growing up.
Nowadays, social media are consider to be the perfect tool that new generation people use in order to develop their business and promote themselves. To be more precise, I will focus on IG, which over the last five years has been on the top of social platforms.

Hey Nerrissa.! Thanks a lot for inviting me to an interview on your wonderful blog! Instagram is really one of the best platforms to be both, creative and personal where you can create and share content from anywhere to anyone in the world. Even though the platform changed a lot due the algorithm, terms and conditions which makes it harder to get in touch with your audience at the moment, I still use it as it became part of my life where we can also directly lead to your first question:

 IG offers significant opportunities and that’s why more and more people like us use it for business. Do you believe that the earnings for instagram models, except the products’ receiving, could be much enough in order that they are able to make a living only just by that? What do you do for a living?

I have a few friends o social media who actually made Instagram to a part of their business including me yes but I have to say that doing this full-time and being able to live off from that completely is quite rare. The problem with that is that there are too many people who do promotion and advertisement for free. You should never underestimate yourself and brands should appreciate the hard work and time behind content much more. You might see a picture or blog post only which got read in a short time but there’s so much more behind it. Speaking out the truth – either you have to sell yourself to people which is not in my personal interest or you are just lucky and have lots of contacts or you get an opportunity to be part of a big brand.

When was the first time you decided that you really wanted to be an alternative IG model and how did you take that decision?
What were the first obstacles you had and how did you overcome them?

That’s actually a good question since I never really decided to become an alternative model or influencer. It’s more like that my audience and my life itself decided this, it’s fate. Before I realized this I had no idea what I want to be in life. I just always did what I love and then it simply happened. The only obstacle was the thought to accept that I’m actually what I am. My friends and my sister were the ones who had to tell me how far I am with this already and that I should keep doing this.

Except your awesome IG profile, you also have a really interesting blog with the name “Black Rush”, where you sign as “Unreal”. To be honest I was a quite curious why did you choose that name. What “Unreal” means for you? Does that name associate with your style or your blog theme somehow?

Yes I made my blog “Blackrush” a couple years ago in addition to my IG profile as sometimes like to write more or share specific stories in pictures. There’s a different story behind each of the names Blackrush and Unreal. Explaining the name Unreal sounds probably weird to many people. It’s simple my expression of the way I see myself in society and the way people treat me. The story behind Blackrush accrued in a very strange time of my life where I felt kind of apart with this world. Like my mind was whirring in a dark place and my broken body just existed on this planet. It was the time where I got into black magic as well, then quickly got out of that again because of that exact reason as it was very bad for me. Blackrush explains the place I was caught in. A black rush, the river between me and reality. And I tried to come back to this world with help of white magic.

Now I’d like to ask you something about your characteristic gothic-grunge-anime-witchy IG feed! How difficult is for you, as a person who post almost on a daily basis, to stay active and keep your feed’ s character on every single post at the same time ? Share with us one of your secrets girl!

Well there’s actually not much of a secret except spending lots of time into social media and creating content. It’s like you are living two lives at once, which is in fact anything but easy. But I think life is too short to live this basic life here on earth so I decided to create my own one. And because life is too short to live one life only as well I created all these unique characters which you can find in my content.

On your bio, you refer that except of an alternative model you are also a big kawaii and anime lover. I would like to ask you if your love for Japanese culture has affect your style. Is animation a part of your life that you search for style inspiration?

I’ve always felt inspired by different countries and cultures, whereto Japan has influenced me the most that’s true. Beginning from digging through the magical world of animes and manga which made me curious to find out more about this culture to the beautiful landscape, architecture and history. While getting into blogging a couple of my favorite artists and brands I started to collaborate with are actually based in Asia. I’d like to mention Sarah Thursday who just blew my mind with her beautiful artwork. If you look at my outfits you can often see kawaii looks or school girl outfits and yes, that actually came to me through watching animes. I don’t know what it is actually but I get along so well with Asian people that I can really feel a deep connection to it. I’m in love with their respect for individuality, as far as I’ve heard this from other models and also speaking from my own experience.

And my last question! Due to IG’s significant influence in our lives there are many young teenager girls who admire people like you and pursue to begin a career as a social media model. What is your advice to these people, what is the main thing that they have to be careful for, especially on their first steps?

Firstly I like to catch up again that I’ve never seen myself to be at a point like which I am right now. Yes I have pursued my way and followed my passion for fashion, yet it was you who decided what it will make out of me. Speaking from experience I can advice a couple of things. Firstly do everything for yourself to feed your passion and love, not do convince other people. I know lots of old friends who actually failed early at this exact point. Focus on what you love. Exhibit your characters, speak out your soul in your unique artistic way. This can come in art, motion, hand-crafting or like me in pictures and writing. Lastly, the second most important point is self-confidence. Though my hard childhood I achieved this strength and high level of self-love and trust. Being a role model to people is not only connected with super lovely and kind words but hate and jealously from admirers you receive. I’m happy that I am strong enough not only to ignore it but to seek positive energy out of negativity. You are yourself and unique and being confident is what people admire the most about you.

In conclusion is there anything you would possibly love to add! ?

Of course I’d like to add a big thanks for this wonderful interview with you. I have truly enjoyed it and I hope I could give you an answer to your questions so you know me a little bit better now. To everyone who has read this I can just repeat myself and tell you that by following your dreams you can achieve anything you want. Just be open and honest about your fears as we all struggle with something. You aren’t alone.
Beauty comes from inside, your soul and your personality. Confidence is the prettiest gem you can hold in your heart. Let it shine and do what you love and what makes you happy. Be authentic and honest and you’ll inspire many people on this planet ♥



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