Gothic On a Budget!

Yeah, as you can see ,it’s time to write about this high requested topic:

Can you get a Gothic style on a budget?
The answer is “Absofuckinglutely”!

Only for the rich ones

One common truth is that Gothic style has been associated with big name brands. Somehow all of us begin with the thought

“where can we find Gothic clothes? “

but we tend to turn a kind of style into a consumerism’s obsession of how to get more and more Gothic brands.

You don’ t considered to be a “true” Goth if your shoes, corsets and skirts aren’t from a well known Gothic brand, which usually has extremely high prices on its products ! Somehow Gothic style had become a style only for the rich people and you need to have a “good” wallet in order to afford it.

Now I would like ask yourself fist,  by shopping the latest Gothic well known brand’s releases are you become a “real” Goth or is this a strategy of alternative industries to create you technical needs, that you didn’ t have before, in order to handle you, capturing by your need to stand out through your style?

I would ask you to take a breath and try to see all this obsession with a different way.

I know that you are totally in love with Gothic brand shoes (me too) but if you can’t afford them, you should think where you can find a similar pair of shoes in a more affordable price.
Please get rid of the thought that your shoes MUST be a well known brand if you want to be an “original Goth “.
You have been fallen into a trap and even if you think that you ‘re standing out, actually you’ re acting like a trendy chick who tries to get the latest Kardashian trend!
Not all witches are from “Salem” , sweetie!

So… let’ s get into the point.

How can you build a gothic style on a budget?

Where you can find affordable gothic clothes

1Search on AliExpress/Ebay

Those two platforms are really fucking AMAZING ! The reason I recommend them specifically, is because when it comes to alternative products (shoes,clothes, harnesses, chokers, bags, sunglasses, tights, hats, necklaces etc) they contain a really big variety. Especially AliExpress has much more choices than Ebay. You can find Gothic lacy chokers at the price of 1 euro. Oh my God! Moreover, there are small Gothic stores on AliExpress which sell their products .(You should definitely check Rosetic, it’s a brand with really affordable Gothic clothes.)


2 Raid your mum’ s and grandma’ s closet!

Oh yeah, I’m talking seriously. I have found amazing gothic treasures in my mum’ s and my grandma’ s closet. My mum had a really cool long velvet dress that she didn’t wear anymore, so  guess what, I took it for me. Moreover I was looking for a black shirt and I found one with in my grandma’s closet. She gave it to me and now I wear it with my harness, It’s really awesome!


3 Chain Stores

You can’t imagine how many alternative pieces you can find in a regular chain store if you take a good look. Every time you get into a store like that , try to spot what would you wear that fits with your style. Especially some stores such as HnM and Tally Weijl have some amazing kind of Gothic clothes which we usually ignore, because we have the general thought that those stores are NOT for Gothic people. Bullshit! Style isn’t something you buy from a specific store.I recomend you the next time you will get into a big chain store to keep your eyes open. There’ s always a lacy shirt hidden behind a pink dress!


4 Depop

One of the most amazing apps in the world! Depop is an app where you can find whatever you want. In this app you find people selling products which are considered to be second hand but in fact they are almost new, because people sell on depop products that they don’t need, they had been wore only for once or either never. Many products are  unsed. If you’re looking for a product of a specific brand but it’s extremely expensive, you should definitely take a look on Depop, there are people who sell what you want much cheaper!


5 G.I.Y

It means: “Goth It Yourself” instead of Do It Yourself!
The rule is simple: whatever isn’t black, put it black, whatever is simple give it a Gothic character. There are thousands videos on youtube with DIY projects. Ok, maybe you’re thinking now that there are just a few DIY for Gothic style but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired by them and use your creativity in order to adapt them on your own gothic style.


To sum up, the only thing you have to do in order to build an amazing Gothic style on a budget  is to use your creativity and try to think how you could get the clothes you want without spending all of your income. Instead of falling into the trap: ” Gothic brands make you a Goth” choose to stand out and create your signature Gothic style…


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