Guide For A victorian gothic event!

Represented by “Black Willow Gallery
feature vendor “Mary Syring”

The Event:

If you are a dark child who lives under the American sun you shouldn’t miss this upcoming event!
Now for the first time ….

Haunted Souls Bazaar

I invite you to a place frozen in time… A place where you can come in contact with the other side and step into the past…
When? – On 2 of May 2020
Where? – At Heritage Square Museum , one of Los Angeles’ historical landmarks!

It’s not about an event but a unique experience that will mark your mind and soul…

Join us in a mystic outing of ghost tour !
See with your own eyes the most haunted places of the heritage square museum…
Learn the secret folks and and tragedies round the local families who once lived in houses of heritage square museum…
Step back in time!

Who you will meet:

By visiting the Haunted Soul event you will have the chance to get in touch with some of the most talented people!
Meet our Vendors who will take part at the event, among them there will be from SFX make up artist and tarot readers to paranormal photographers , dream interpreters and content creators.

Here is the list with all the vendors of the Haunted Soul Bazaar!

Moreover, you can find a special Gothic bazaar with a big variety of products to choose, from Victorian Gothic perfumes and magical crystals to taxidermy animals and unique handmade creations.

For more details & tickets for the event you can always visit the link down below :

The Dress Code

Of course all that you need for a big Gothic event is a proper outfit!

What to wear:
⦁ The dress: First of all a Victorian dress ( a set of blouse and skirt will be also fine). It is not necessary to be black in order to be goth, a dark purple, green or red will be also a very good choice.
⦁ The crinoline: Do not forget that all the Victorian women from the poorest to the richest used to wear petticoats and crinolines by creating many layers on their outfit. It will turn your outfit by adding a more dramatic, classic and elegant look!
⦁ The headpiece: A Victorian headpiece like hat, bonnet .headband or whatever you like. They are considered a very important piece of a classic Victorian outfit!
⦁ Jewels,because you have to sparkle lady! The more extreme, the best they are!

If you don’t have a Victorian Gothic dress or a headpiece you can always sew one! Just free your imagination , combine some of your favorite fabrics ,decorate with laces (because they are always needed) and create a unique result

Dear men….
It’s time to bring your gentleman side into surface and be an elegant vampire aristocrat! Please leave in the back all of those stupid thoughts that Victorian men clothes are too feminine because it’s the behavior that makes you a man and not the clothes ! So…don’t be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and get dressed like all those vampire movie characters that you always secretly admire for their style!
Since things for men are always more simple (lucky you!!)
It’s much easier for you to create a Victorian outfit!

  • · The shirt: You can just wear your favorite black shirt which you could decorate with a ruffle collar! You can buy or let your girl make one for you!
  • · The vest: It is a very important piece of a classic men Victorian outfit! No matter if it would be black ,red or any other color ,you will need a vest for a more serious and gentleman look. It would be a good option if you choose a brocade fabric vest since it will make your outfit more elegant
    · The coat: If you also have a velvet long coat , most of the Gothic guys have one, now it’s time to wear it!
  • · The boots: Of course in order to complete a classical Victorian Gothic look you will need a pair of boots! The only one condition is not to be sport /casual , no matter if they are black of brown you still can wear them!

Time Of Crisis

By going at a Gothic event no matter which it is, where it takes place and who you are, keep in mind that all the eyes will be turned on you! The reason is very simple, because a big part of Gothic subculture is the Gothic style itself! Everyone look each other in order to admire, take some ideas and get inspired, it’s not bad! Curiosity it’s a human “habit”.
But except that which is considered normal, because of the increase of social media , the over-consumerism and the technical standard role models, people are tend to judge everyone who’s standing out of a social media Gothic bible!

What I mean is that we tend to judge each other if she/he doesn’t wear brand collars/boots/clothes, has black color skin , hasn’t an extreme look make up/lots of piercings/tattoos, has short nails/hair and so many other stupid things, because we consider that person
Everything that stands out of the social media “Gothic” standard !

Do not forget that this subculture itself is already made to stand out! Gothic events is a perfect chance to close with each other, meet new people, make friends and first of all HAVE FUN!

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