Has Gothic Style been dead?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about fashion. “Why don’t you promote a style more modern?” he asked me.
“Nowadays all those gothic and metal styles are considered to be so old-fashioned. Every time I see a goth guy I think that he has stuck at the 80’s,” he explained. I didn’t hurry up to contradict him, I stay a little be thinking his words. They gave me a good cause to think about people’s dressing choices and write this article.

One of the things I ‘ve noticed the last years in my country is that you rarely see an alternative guy/ girl on the road. When I was younger there were many teens with an Alternative style. There were metalheads, emo, goths, hip-hop guys, now most of them turned themselves into a mainstream style with the excuse that “they grew up”! Your metalhead best friend at high school years has been a trendy girl who dances with Greek songs. None could expect to see her like that when she sang in front of the scene on Megadeth’s live, “live a path of metal, cross a world from stage to stage” but don’t worry my friend, metal Gods will probably burn her in hell!!

To continue with another frequent phenomenon … the new age. I have a sister 10 years younger and I notice that all her schoolmates, friends and other teens at this age look like with each other. All the girls on this age, shop from the same big chain stores and buy the most seller items. In a high school classroom, you will definitely find two or more girls who have bought the same shorts or top. Of course, the problem isn’t the top, the leggings or the skirt itself is the fact that every teen girl wants to acquire what another girl had already bought.

Somehow an endless chain of merged teens has been created. The thing that drives me really mad is that they don’t even try to find their personal style and at the same time they consider themselves to be stylish. At least thanks to my dad, my little sister doesn’t listen to Greek songs and knows who Iron Maiden and ACDC are! Most Greek teens don’t have a clue about those bands. If you ask a 14 years old boy “Do you know what Iron Maiden means”? , he will probably answer that is the name of a new expansion of a game or a foreign football team!

in addition, I believe that Alternative Fashion is something that existed in the past, in the present and will keep on in the future too. In every aspect of living, there are a common way and the alternative one. Since the ancient years, there were people who dared to be different. There were minorities who had a totally different way of thinking from the common people. Nowadays, a huge industry has been built around those people. Alternative clothes and shoe brands, magazines, communities etc, how is it possible Alternative style has been dead? There wouldn’t exist all of those things.
As there are people who don’t compromise and swim against the current by daring to be themselves, an alternative style will be “in fashion”.

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