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Something new has come up in our miracle Gothic world

This is the magic closet of the Punk Design shop!

Do you feel an inexplicable love for everything strange, dark and different?

Are you a lover of industrial revolution and Steampunk?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be the black sheep of the herd?

Are you looking for a way to turn back into the Victorian era?

Then, Punk Design Shop is the wheel that leads you towards to your fantasy.


That’s exactly of what I felt when I unpacked the box that they sent to me. Since I had opened the package and a tulle Victorian dress had been revealed to me, I knew that was the time to live into my own fairytale and transform myself into a Black Countess. All I needed was a crown and I made it by myself.


What I love the most about that dress is its half inflatable sleeves! Such an original Victorian design! They are perfectly combined with the tulle and the shiny metallic fabric which really sparkles under the sun. This dress has been created to travel you back in time…

Punk design shop is a place where you can find traditional Steampunk and Victorian Gothic clothes as well as Gothic well-known brands such as PunkRave, RQ-BL, Devil Fashion and Eva Lady in a really affordable price.

So…If you are dreaming to feel like you’re roaming among the rainy paths of London, drinking a hot cup of tea with Mary Shelley or living into the castle of Otranto,  I definitely recommend you to take a look in PunkDesighn Shop’s magic closet!

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