I Am The Weirdo

How many times did you get the bus and people looked at you like you were an Alien? How many times had you noticed unknown people on the road look at you leeringly?

 It happens to everyone who has an alternative style. It happens also to me People are getting used to seeing around the common, just think a little bit this: every time a new item is getting a trend, more and more girls want to get it. It could be anything, a choker top, a couple of over knee boots or a jean. Every average trendy girl who has a role model Kardashian sisters want to have too what other girls have. Their way of thinking is “I want this too”

Here it’s you, my darling, who want to be different from the mainstream fashion. Your style, no matter if it is Goth or Pin Up or Kawaii, you differ from others .So… first of all you have to accept into you and think carefully if this is something you really want.
For instance, don’t dye your hair pink if you still hesitate about how to get out of your door because people will laugh with you. You have to be sincere to yourself about how you want your style looks like and what message you pass to the others. When you already have thought all these things and you came to the conclusion that an alternative style expresses your true self, you have to be prepared to face the consequences and mainly people’s reaction.


Are you ready to support your clothing choice and fight for your style?
If yes, every time someone says something on you about the way you dress, just keep on your mind these:

1- You wear that makes you feel happy, stylish and comfortable. If you like the way you look like, DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

2- Your style express your personality. If someone tries to change your style, he/she tries to change you. People have to accept you as you already are. It doesn’t worth to change in order to like to someone else. If he/she doesn’t like the way YOU dress, it’s his/her problem.

3- You can keep your style and be a professional at the same time. If your hair is blue or you have many tattoos, it doesn’t mean that you are not productive in your work. Only narrow-minded people think in that way.

4- No matter If you are 20 or 30 or 40, single, married either a mother, you can keep your alternative style as you grow up. It is you, but you are older. Maybe as you re growing up, you will develop your style but it doesn’t mean you have to be another person. Mothers worth to wear Demonia boots too!

5- Have faith to yourself. Claim what you want and prove to the other that you can be good no matter what you wear. You can be a very good student, either a teacher or a mother etc. Show your personality and prove to them that we MUST NOT judge a person from the appearance.

This is the way I m thinking about my style and myself. Trust me, I have accepted very bad criticism about my appearance, but I I have not regretted my style. I chose to dress with an Alternative way since my 14 years and now I have to say only this :


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