Dear Little Freaks,

It’s been so long since my last blog post…I know that…I was absent for a very long time and that was because I was trying to find myself, reconnect with my life goals and focus on them.
2020 was a very stressful year for all of us, and I had a really hard time too. So on this post I am going to be completely honest and share with you all of my thoughts about all those things that brought me down…
Three years ago when I began doing instagram I was extremely excited when I did my first collaboration and I had to take pictures for a brand for the very first time, I was extremely happy.
I was growing like crazy and I was full of hopes and dreams that one day it would be my full time job. That made me want to keep on trying, contact with people searching for places and ideas and taking new pictures. I had so much energy which I honestly don’t have now. And that’s because of the Social Media! This world can really destroy you and make you loose yourself. In a way of trying to satisfy my audience I was tempt to lose myself too.
As I was working hard I realised that people did not appreciate that all the times.
Ι was trying to find what more I could do, what should I do in order to get more engagement because no matter how hard you work for a picture people won’t appreciate it if you don’t complete the Insta Gothic Standards!

Skirt by @punkravestore

So do you want be an InstaGoth ?

Let me tell you how this world works! No matter how beautiful you are, how many cool ideas you have, how many clothes you have ,how many photographer skills you have, You are not gonna get lots of likes if you are not complete the Insta Gothic Stadards!

You can’t take a picture without long claw nails! NO! You can not post a picture of your favourite rings if you have not spent 30 dollars for a gel manicure first!

You wanna post a make up beauty look ? Bleach your roots first, you can not do that if your hair is in a mess! And did you forget to buy false lashes? Do you dare to POST a Gothic Make Up picture by wearing a cheap mascara? You are not a REAL Goth and this is not gonna be a GOTHIC Make Up!

You wanna a “selfie” for Instagram in your house? No matter if you’re Goth or not ,it should be AESTHETIC! Buy new pajamas and spend 500+ dollars for a background decor first! Buy new furnitures if it needs or a new house!Ops, I mean castle!

And if you want to make a vlog do NOT forget to look goth 24/7 even your sleepers have to be “Gothic”

You wanna take cozy Gothic pictures with your pet? You can NOT so that if it’s not BLACK! No matter if you have a gray cat, you still can PAINT IT BLACK!


Are all these things the real meaning of Goth???
Have you any clue insta Gothic chicks what Goth means?
Goth is a SUBCULTURE, is the uniqueness of finding beauty in the dark things, love everything weird ,strange and spooky. Goth means to be different… but you are being all THE SAME! Why?

Learn that every significant person who managed to do something big in his/her life, was because he/she was standing out! Being Goth means to destroy the rules. Goth is many things but definitely not an Insta formula .This mindset HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

Back in the days when Goth began as a Postpunk movement, the first Trad Goth sdidn’t have no brand and style standards.They were happy because they were themselves, they were creative and free from any stupid norm . This are the side of Goth we should promote through social media! I choose to keep on creative art on instagram ,working with people who like my work, trust me and build my own aesthetic which is based only on me.
We are not Plastic Spooky Barbie Dolls… ” We Are The Weirdos!”

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