Oh My Goth!!

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What is Gothic Fashion?
Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by dark, mysterious and antiquated features. Most people who choose to dress with that way are lovers of the Goth subculture. Typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with black lips, colored black hair, and black clothes at both, male and female. Styles are often borrowed from Victorians and Elizabethans.

Goth stereotypes

To be gothic doesn’t mean only to dress in “black” ( oh you wear black man! You’re cool, you’re goth.) There are people outside who actually don’t have an idea of what to be gothic means. They treat all of us as junkies, sluts, uneducated people and with so many other things. When it comes to school years might there were people call you witch or clown even characteristics. I have met many goth people in my life who are so good and friendly. Some of them actually study in University and other work in big companies. We live in the 21st century and all these narrow mind and old fashion thoughts about goth and generally alternative people must fall down. (This is also one of the main reasons I began this alternative fashion blog)
When someone chooses to dress with a goth way it doesn’ t mean he wants to challenge the society or he/she is depressed and dropped in the darkness. Particularly, let’s see what to be goth IS and to be goth ISN’T.

To be goth has nothing to do with:

  • Work for Satan.

  • You are a junkie

  • You are not a good student

  • You make magic rituals

  • You are depressed

  • Wear just black and laces

  • You don’t have a life and working experience.

  • You can’t be professional at your job



To be Goth means:


  • Love the gothic subculture

  • Love dark atmospheric music, goth literary and films

  • Listen to goth bands but not only goth bands

  • Dress up with a more dark, romantic and alternative way depends on what type of goth you are.

  • Love goth fashion, makeup, and brands.

  • You dress in that way because it really represents your personality and beliefs about life.

In your whole life, you will meet people who will judge you, jealous colleagues, fake friends, narrow-minded bosses. You shouldn’ t leave those people to make you feel bad about yourself and the way you dress. This is your life and you only live once, if you really love this style, you have to keep on dressing in that way. Let people look at you suspiciously, the problem is theirs. To sum up, if you feel comfortable and have self-confidence inside your clothes, doesn’t really matter what other people think.

“The originals”

If you think that in Gothic fashion there is no competition and standers you “have to follow”, you’re totally wrong. As in every community in gothic fashion, there are “the originals”! Sometimes I m wondering how people will react if I determine my self as Goth.

The reaction will probably be like this: “Are you kindling??? Haha, you don’t have a clue of how gothic style looks like. You are such a poser!”
For many years I couldn’ t find or determine clearly my style. I was a quite lost and ignorant about fashion. Over the last two years, I determine my style as a combination of Nu Goth and Romantic character. At least I really found the style that really fits on my dressing choices. If you love goth doesn’t mean that your style has to belong in one specific goth category. We are not stores to have labels. There are many types of gothic style and you can choose whatever you like and fits with your personality. For me, a poser is someone who dresses like a goth but he knows nothing about the goth subculture, literary or movies and of course he doesn’ t know not even one goth band/artist.

So the next time an original goth guy tells you “you ‘re not goth enough” answer this:
I don’t belong in a category with a label, if I wanted to belong in a gender I wouldn’t dress with an Alternative way, I would be “a basic trendy chick”!

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