“Music In Style” – plus interview with Dragica!

You “listen” what you wear?

It is commonly accepted that many fashion styles have been related with specific music kinds. For instance if you are a blonde trendy girl, you listen Pop music, if you are more casual, you listen Hip Hop or RnB music. On the other hand ,as far as alternative people are concerned, no matter what style they have, other people always believe that they listen “Rock” music!
In my opinion this is absolutely false. Not everyone alternative people listen Rock. Rock it’ s the most common and well known category for someone to classify alternative people.Os course usually he has absolutely no fucking idea about Rock!
Somehow, a huge confusion has been created about alternative people and the music that they prefer. There are so many different alternative styles. Ok, you may think that punk people listen only punk music or goths listen only goth music ect. That’s not true. You can’ t sort people (like library books) at a specific music kind depending on their alternative style .
If someone take a look at my playlist will probably consider me a person with disturbed personality. In my mp3 you can find Korn,Pantera,Megadeth songs as well as Merlin Manson,Nightwish and Lady Gaga! Oh shame on me! I’ m a poser fake gothic girl!


Original Vs Poser

Sometimes I wonder who has made those strick music rules for alternative people?
Is out there a Metal God who will hold us accountable one day ?
And even if someone has decide to listen for example thrash metal, he/she is obligated to know all the member names , all the album names as well as all the lyrics of the thrash bands he listens? Somewhen when I said to a guy that I really like Megadeth he asked me to tell him five of them songs in order to “prove“ him my knowledge!
Is music a test we have to pass and I don’ t know it?
For me, music is a wave of feelings, is freedom, is creativity. You can’t say that you belong exclusive to one category. Of course there would be a specific kind that you like more or you prefer to listen but you can’ t force yourself stop loving listen songs which don’t belong in this kind ALL IN ALL BECAUSE ALTERNATIVE COMMUNITY WILL CHARACTERIZE YOU A POSER!
One of my favourite females singers is definitely Tarja Turunen. I love her operatic voice, her dramatic singing on the scene, her character. An other artist , such a different to Tarja, who I admire a lot, is Lady Gaga. Especially after her featuring on American Horror Story, I fell in love with her! I really like ger energy, her style and her spirit.
I don’ t think I’ m a dipolar person. The fact that I admit what I like to listen and be honest first with myself makes me much more “original” than an original metal head!


Style Limits

Moreover, what happens when your style “limits” you to listen a specific kind of music?
Because of many alternatives styles have been associated with specific music kinds, sometimes alternative people feel a pressure that they are obligated to listen the kind of music that represents their style.
So if you have a gothic style you have to listen industrial gothic music, if you have a punk style , you have to listen punk bands. Please , let’ s break all those stupid rules!
As I already have refered, my style is a kind of nu goth, but I really hate industrial and electronic gothic music. I prefer to listen symphonic metal bands instead and I am more metalhead. (The only kind of gothic music that I really like is gothic metal, I love 69 eyes)
So… can’ t I go at Iron Maiden’ s live concert because my style is Goth? Who’ s saying those bullshits! I would be crazy if I lose the chance to attend that amazing classic heavy metal band on the scene. I don’ t give a shit if gothic people believe I’ m a poser. I’ m original enough in order to do not be afraid defend my music preferences.
When it comes to style and music, we should be free in order to explore ourselves as well as music itself. How can you be free when alternative style communities have so strict rules for their members?T he way you dress should make you express your personality, not limit you and short you in a category by marking you with a label.

You’ re kawaii = you have to listen Korean music
You re Goth= you have to listen industrial music
You re punk= you have to listen punk music
Let’ s get a new rule:
You are YOURSELF= You can listen WHATEVER you like and make you feel happy!

Now … let’s see what alternative people in music industry, believe about style itself. What’s the point of view of an artist about alternative style. Here is Dragica in order to answer all of our questions! The most stylish ”Symphonic Metal” Singer I get to know!



Dear Dragica, I would like to say a big thank you for this interview. It is very important for me to have an opinion from a stylish artist like you, about how fashion and music are combined with each other. But first I would like you introduce yourself to all of us:

Hey-o, lovely being here, I love your blog and your work! I am Dragica, from Serbia, singer/lyricist mostly making symphonic metal music, in solo projects, collabs, and covers.


To begin a question about Stage Clothes, there are many people out there who believe that an artist should be dressed simple on a scene in order to charm people only with his/her talent. On the other hand there is the opinion that an artist cannot be simple especially on a live concert. What’ s your opinion as a singer about that?

Personally, I think the most important thing is being – genuine. Some people prefer the more simplistic style and they feel comfortable in that; anything else would look as a costume they threw on, and it shows in their demeanor and energy with the audience. I used to obsess over what people expected me to wear for the live shows so much that I would spend the entire time on stage feeling uncomfortable, awkward, insecure (lemme tell you, a clumsy person+heavy heels+cables on stage= unfortunate combo). Ultimately, I decided that what matters the most is what I feel like wearing – be it something simpler or a full-on gothic get-up, as long as I will feel as ’me’ in it for the night. Insisting on either extreme just for the sake of following a check-list or proving a point strikes me as fake,and it always, always shows. As long as it’s the ’full package’ – talent, stage presence (which includes the look) and energy, the artist should be fine.


There are many artists all over the years whose style is a part of their successful career. Those artists have been “marked” by their style someway. Do you believe an artist should change his/her style over the time or he/she should remain the same as people know him/her at the beginning of his/her career?

I will have to refer to my previous point and repeat – whatever feels genuine. Some people’s taste (and therefore, style) evolves over the years to a greater or lesser extent, and the change should come naturally. If one chooses to go by ’what people will like the most’, it’s a battle lost from the start; some people are set in their ways and will scoff at any change, others detest being served ’the same thing over and over’. Just as with music, best we can do with our style is to follow the inner impulse.


It is commonly accepted that our style represents a lot our music preferences. I would like to ask you if you needed to change your style since you began singing as a professional in order you represent the kind of music you sing.

For me, it was kind of the other way around; I got into listening to metal (nu-metal at first) and started dabbling with metal-associated attire and styles; when I got into symphonic metal, before I started pursuing singing, I was already hooked on the aesthetics.


Do you believe that an artist should have a signature style on a daily basis except of live shows or it doesn’t really matter what he/she wears out of stage?

I used to be dead set on being a 24/7 goth, in the middle of the day, going to my college classes, going out at night, you name it. As I get older, I don’t obsess over it anymore – I’m a firm believer that everyone and anyone should wear whatever he/she feels comfortable in, especially in casual situations.


Finally,the last thing I would like to ask you is how would you describe your style? What is the thing that gives you inspiration of what to wear?

My mood, above all. Sometimes I like to go for the ’Evil Queen’ feel, corsets, long skirts, lace, all that good stuff, and sometimes I feel like wearing a simple pair of black pants, knee-high boots and a blouse with an interesting detail or an eye-catching necklace. People around me usually describe my style as ’gothic’, but to be very honest, the only general description I feel right giving is ’I wear black. A lot’.

Anything else you would like to add closing this beautiful interview for the fans out there?

It’s really lovely seeing blogs such as yours, it’s wonderful that there are still people working to keep our community alive. Keep up the great work! And for the folks reading – the only thing determining your style is you, so let that inner light shine out however you see fit!


Here you can find one of Dragica’s last cover songs-
“Within me” of Lacuna Coil featuring Damjan Silbaski!

Enjoy them!

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