Only for Dark Art Lover… Queen Of Darkness Review

Queen Of Darkness Review



Photo inspired by “Phantom Of The Opera”
Models: Matt Th Junior (vocalist) and Nerrissa (Alt Fashion Blogger)

Outfits: Queen Of Darkness

 Man Vest Coat here

Woman Skeleton Back Dress here

Few weeks ago as I was searching for a gothic inspiration on the internet my gaze fell upon Queen of Darkness website. I have heard about that brand before but I never had a good search on their website. So now it was the right time to click on it, just to feed my curiosity.
As I was scrolling on their page I understood absolutely why the name of this brand is queen of darkness. All of their clothes look so elegant and dark at the same time. They are special not only for their gothic character but also for how chic and luxury they look like. The long dresses, the eccentric skirts, the fabric lacy details as well as the black tulle made me really impressed. I wanted to try them!

When I receive my package from Queen of Darkness I really was impressed of how careful packaged all the clothes were, each one in a separate fabric bag with Queen Of Darkness logo.
I was looking forward to try the clothes upon me. To be honest, I still was wondering about the fitting since I wasn’t able to try the products before I order them. but since I saw me in the mirror with the dress it was like it had been made for me! It wraps my body shape and it falls and flows perfectly. It’s super comfortable and highlight my curves at the same time. As for as the skeleton detail on the back, I really fell in love with it. Its made with a stronger material so it’s extra durable. It gives a very elegant character on the whole outfit .

By wearing this dress all I needed was just a special jewelry and of course Queen Of Darkness offered me a lot of choices! I chose to combine the dress with a lacy Victorian choker. It seems to be made to fit with my new long dress! Both of them create a perfect “Dark Queen” look!

 Victorian Lacy Choker here

To continue with the tulle skirt! Oh when I wore it I fell like an elf princess! It’s adorable! It flows upon me and moves around without being too inflatable and make me look like a cake! I can’t stop spinning around and round every time I wear it! Moreover it’s at the proper length so I can combine with all of my shoes I like to play by wearing different kind of fabrics on the same outfit so I would like to combine lace with tulle. That’s how I pair the skirt with a short lacy bolero of Queen Of Darkness website in order to complete the look that I had on my mind. The result was amazing!


Gothic Tulle Skirt here

Lacy Bolero here

As a gothic girl I have bought many lacy clothes, but none of that had the same quality like this bolero. The lacy pattern is made with high quality material so you don’t have the sence to be super careful in order it won’ t be ripped. Indeed I thanked God for that fact, this bolero is the first really durable lacy cloth I’ve ever had!

When it comes to Matt’s man coat vest, both of us was really impressed by it’s stiff cotton fabric. The combination of decorating buttons with the straps create an extra “taught” look. It really seems the perfect jacket for a live concert on the stage, that’s why Matt loved it extremely! We choose to have a Phantom Of The Opera inspired photoshoot by pairing Matt’s vest with my long black dress as a combination of brutality and innocence.

To conclude with one more significant true about Queen Of Darkness clothing, the high quality and the elegance of their clothes are not the only reasons that make this brand unique. All of Queen Of Darkness products are really affordable for their standards. Trust me, if I have something search a lot this is gothic clothing. I have to say only this: it”s very hard to find high quality gothic clothes in an affordable price. Queen Of Darkness in one of those rarest occasions.

Finally I recommend you next time you will look for a new gothic dress to buy just take a look on Queen Of Darkness website and i promise you that you will stick on it. You can find a big variety of products to choose from clothes and accessories to house decor!

So if you would like to try the elegance side of Goth and feel like a real Gothic Queen, you should definitely run on Queen Of Darkness page right now.

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