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Over the last year, I have been changed my style with a 360° turn..I had a long time searching in order to end up to what I like to wear, what represents me and which style I admire but only on other people’s dressing.
All those months I made a lot of mistakes and I failed more than a hundred times but I finally found what really fits on me and what not. The right way to find your own style is a path full of stylish failures…


Searching for Inspiration

The first and the most important thing you have to do (that’s what I also did) is to look for inspiration. No matter how your style looks at this moment, there are many things you can do in order to discover how could be your signature style.
We live in a social media world, we are surrounded by fashion, lifestyle and aesthetic photos on a daily basis, you can find inspiration almost everywhere. In my opinion, the biggest inspiration sources are IG, Pinterest, and Youtube. On those platforms, you can find so many things you can do with your style! You can make mood boards with all the clothes you like, you can save photos of other people IG accounts on your phone or you can watch DIY videos! Your mind will totally fill with new ideas! Now is the right time to free your creative side and get some style goals!
How you want your alternative style looks like?

Note to self

There are thousands of people out there who may be an inspiration for you. The journey to find your own signature style is like the journey to find your inner self. It’s hard and difficult because you have to think so many different things. If you have been confused with all those photos you see on IG and Tumblr you should try focus to what you truly like. I think the most important thing is, to be honest, and ask yourself:

1 What’s the impression I want to give to other people through my style?

2 Do I feel totally comfortable with the style I like?

3 What’s the deepest reason I admire that person, is it his/her style or something else?

4 Which are the colors I like to wear? How could be my color palette?

5 Do I really like on me what I admire other people’s style?

By finding your aesthetic you live in that and feel comfortable at the same time. For instance, you don’t have to get a punk/goth/kawaii style if it doesn’t really like you, just because you admire someone who has that style. Maybe that style is not for you. What you can do is to distinguish all the features you like on other people’s style and aesthetic and try to adapt them in your own style! Use your idols as an inspiration, don’t be a copy and a fail imitation of them!

Get out of the label’s cage


To have a signature style means that you are unique. Ok, you may be thinking now that everyone is unique! Yes everyone as an individual is unique but the dressing of “everyone” is almost massive. If you still disagree about that just get on a bus, how many stylish people you would see?
When it comes to alternative fashion, people usually short it into subcategories which they “decorate” with labels! “You can’t be kawaii and punk at the same time, you have to be one of both.” No! It’s not true! You can be whatever you like! I consider my style to be Nu Victorian Goth. Have you ever heard that style category? Of course not! That’s the coolest thing, I invented this name category in order to describe my style!
I really love all those classical romantic features in gothic, like velvet, laces and long dresses but I also like and the grunge side in nu goth style. So, I tried to create a signature style with features from those both styles. Is it wrong ? Am I not an original kind of Goth? I don’t give a fuck! I am 100% myself and I’m really proud of the fact that I am not another “wannabe but I can’t be” Gothic Princess chick!
Many girls new at alternative style have the sense that they have to choose what their style’ s name is. Why you do this to yourself girl? Why do you try to build a label and a restrictive fashion cage around you? Instead of trying to find where you belong, try to find what you like at every single alternative style, it’s much easier. Try to be creative. No matter which are the styles you like, you can choose different features and add them to your style. You may find a lot of girls with long hair, laces or leathers out there but there will be only one who combine all those things in a unique way, You! This is what a signature alternative style looks like!


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