Summertime Goth


One of the biggest issues that Goth people face in their lifestyle is the fact that it’s really difficult to keep their style integral in summer time.

On the one hand, if we think that Gothic style is associated with white pale skin, clothes such as velvet dresses, Victorian coats or leather jackets always combined with heavy boots, this option is totally true. All those elements are the main characteristics of gothic style, so how can you be Goth without them?

In my opinion, all these thoughts about what it is considered to be Goth and what it isn’t are totally bullshit. What does it mean you can NOT be “gothic enough” in summer? Why Goth people should “hate” the most amazing season of the year. The months that you can spend a whole day on beach, relaxing and drinking your cocktail or just take a dive in the sea. I really love the summer and the fact that my style is gothic can’t change my mind.

I have sucked of hearing people into Goth community say:

“Oh man, summer is getting on my nerves! I prefer winter much more” and know the same time that they are pretending and lying because an “original Goth” MUST hate the summer!

There’s no point in frustrating about a season of the year because you can wear what you love most. There are gothic clothes for summer; you can still cool and just have fun! Keep calm my gothic friend!

Gothic under 35+ degrees

If you still wonder of how you can keep your gothic style in summer I am here to give you some tips, but first of all I have a question for you:

I would like you to think of how many sleeveless, tanks or tees have you ever seen on well known gothic brands such as Disturbia or Killstar website?

Really a lot!

These clothes are the perfect proof that a style can’t be limited due to a season of a year. If you are truly represented by gothic style you can’t be less gothic because of tanning or because of you don’t wear a velvet coat for example, you can’t lose your style character, lifestyle and aesthetic because of the summer! It’s a totally wrong opinion that some “original” stylish people have invent in order to make you feel bad about yourself.

Now let’s move on to some useful tips of

“How to keep a gothic style in summer”:

1 Sunglass!

There is a really huge variety of gothic sunglasses to choose. You can find them on well known brands website’s as well as on E bay, Amazon or Aliexpress. Moreover if you still cannot find what you have in your mind you can buy a basic black pair of sunglasses and decorated as you like. As I always say: Goth It Yourself!

2 Witchy Hat!

If you have watched The Coven season of AHS you know exactly what I mean! As a big fun of witchy style I could not haven’t adapt fedora hats in my summer outfits. I would recommend you to search for fabrics such as straw or cotton instead of suede if you want your head not to be burned!

3 Gothic Sandals

I truly believe that shoes are the most important piece of a outfit. It’ s really difficult to find gothic summer shoes in a big chain store and it’s also difficult to find gothic shoes in a good price. So as a girl who lives in Greece searching for a gothic summer pair of shoes is like searching for a pirate treasure. I have found the solution of buying my shoes through Aliexpress or some affordable brands such as Vii &Co. There are so many pair of gothic shoes for every season on Aliexpress and E bay, I would definitely recommend you to take a look on the website.

4 Lacy/Knotted Kimonos

The perfect solution for a Gothic outfit when the weather reaches to 40+ degrees. (Yeah that’s the summer weather in Greece). I bought one knotted kimono few months ago and I wear it almost on a daily basis. It’s so comfortable, it keeps me cool by protected my skin from the sun and it makes me look stylish at the same time. Moreover it’s an easy solution for the beach or when you have no fucking idea of “What to wear”

5 The perfect bag!

Find the perfect bag for you. No matter what season is a gothic bag can always be a “winter” fabric such as leather or velvet because it’s something that doesn’t touch your skin directly. Isn’t this awesome?!

Enjoy it!

Finally I would like to conclude to the fact that it isn’t really so important not to wear your long velvet dresses and Victorian coats for some months as important is to really enjoy the summer itself. When you focus of what you can’t do instead of what you can do it’s like you lose the meaning. It happens with everything in life even with style. Your style is supposed to make you feel free not limited. So why don’t you find the summer “limit” as a good chance of playing and experiment with you style instead of grumbling all the time and wish for winters returning. You have only one fucking life; do you know how many summers will you live? I don’t!

That’s why I am not going to let nothing get me into limits, not even my style!

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