The Battle Of Gothic Styles!

In Collaboration with Innocent Clothing

Hello lovelies!

I hope all of you are doing fine-)

After a lot of thinking of what about my new article should be and
a  conversation with a good friend about different gothic styles, I ended up writing about the endless battle between gothic styles!

Hell yeah! So let the masks to fall down and get…

Into the battle!

A: “I am a Romantic Classic gothic bitch, you are just a poser!”

B: “I am not a Poser! My style is a combination of Victorian Gothic and Lolita”

A: No, baby you are just an imitation of me, everyone knows who’s the original…”

C: Hahaha poor silly girls, I am much older than you, I was wearing the brands you wear now for so long ago and my style is unique because it’s the original Historic Victorian . There is no one in the world like me!

Have you ever heard those bullshit from the most” stylish” gothic people?? I have!

Being Gothic…

is not about being STYLISH! So…having the perfect style and well known gothic brands does NOT make you a Gothic Princess hun! Pleeeease take a chill pill!.

its not even about taking pictures full of make up , black lipstick and velvet coats while , on your daily routine you are roaming the streets with light blue tops and beige shorts.

its not about dancing all of the songs attached to your style and go at every gothic party in town.

it is definately NOT about writing poetic literary captions on Instagram by writers you don’t even read!

In fact…Being Gothic it’s much more simple!

You are a lover of gothic subculture and absent of the gothic lifestyle. No matter if you prefer nu goth, lolita, romantic or victorian style. We are lovers of the same dark aesthetic, lifestyle and spookie things.We are the children of the night!
In my opinion there are NO strictions in rules that differentiate one style from the other. Particularly, gothic style is not a norm.

By wearing long velvet coats doesn’t make you necessary a victorian goth or by wearing short lacy skirts doesn’t make you a lolita one too.
There is no music, brand and places only for the originals because there are NO originals!


That means that the same clothes can be combined with different ways and offer a different result every time.! It’s all about what expresses yourself better and makes you feel comfortable. So please do not be afraid of playing with your outfit and  do not be so strict about style. There are no specific clothes only for specific gothic styles.

What about if you combined:

Laces with leather (Lolita/Victorian shirts with leather leggings!)

Military clothes with Victorian ones (long lacy/velvet skirts with military coats)

Romantic clothes with nu goth ones (lond dresses with heavy boots)

Lolita clothes with romantic goth (Lolita lacy skirt with romantic gothic corset)


Ok you can’t just be one gothic style but falling into a stupid competition of whick style is concidered to be original gothic and which style is not, its more than foolish. Please stop underestimate or overestimate yourself about being or not being Gothic enough. Gothic stupid rules must be burned down in the fire with the gothic bible which has been created by selfish narrow minds. I was born not to fit in but to stand out…What about you?

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