“The beauty and the freak!”

Alternative or Sexy?

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When I was in highschool many of my schoolmates used to call me a freak due to my dressing way maybe it happens also to you. It didn’ t mind me, I like the fact that I wasn’t like the other girls instead , “the beauty ones”. I had find my friends among other alternative people and that was really cool. I prefered to look more creepy than to a sexy girl. It’s a right way of thinking for a teen, but as I was growing up the problems around me have just begun…




  • Many people thought I do not like men due to my style.
  • Every Saturday night every trendy chick on the bus was looking me like I was an Alien.
  • Many people believed that I was much younger that I really was, they thought that I was a student.
  • People faced me like I was an emo teen and not a young woman.
  • None believed that I was a professional on my job.

So all those things make me wonder, I had to change my dressing way IN ORDER TO LOOK LIKE A CHIC AND SEXY WOMAN? Do I have to be another person? I didn’ t want this, I really loved my style!
I really hate the idea of changing your style with the excuse of growing up. I believe this is the top quote for every alternative girl that has been grown up, “I am a woman now, I want to look like a woman” Come on now! To look like a woman , to be sexy and chic , doesn’ t mean that you have to change your style. For me our style is our personality and our signature. I really get angry with all those girls who after their high school graduation threw their alternative style away by sacrificing on the altar of the maze all in all to be “sexy”!
I’m not telling you to go at your job with a Tokio Hotel t shirt, of course not, but you can give at your alternative style a more female character without to lose your personality.


What it really means to be sexy?

To be sexy has nothing to do with having your boobs and legs on a commons view, wearing only stiletto high heels or looking like a model. Sexy can be just a smile, a look or even the way you move your body. So If someone is wondering if can look sexy and still alternative at the same time, the answer is YES!


Outfit: Bellatrix Online
Photos:Matt Th Jounior



These are my top five rules of being sexy and alternative at the same time!

1 Ok girl, I know that you love that victorian dress you have in your closet but wearing long and full of lace wide dresses doesn’t make you automatically Mr Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful). A dress which covers totally your body shape , make you look  like a cake ,not a gothic princess. Instead of that dress prefer a lond gothic dress with a tight waist which doesn’t cover your neck. With that way you highlight your feminity and still look like a romantic goth!

2 Don’t be excessive! For instance, you can be a cyber goth without looking a clown. I refer this kind of style because is one of the most extreme alternative styles. Maybe you can’t live without all those awesome accessories , but please girl, for God’s sake, have a little minimalism in your life. To have a style doesn’t mean you have to go out like you’re on a stage or a runaway. Of course you’re not Lady Gaga too! Please calm down! Prefer to wear no more than two stylish pieces or accessories combined with more “quite” clothes.

3 Highlight your feminity. Female clothes and shoes, like short dresses or high heels, don’t make you a trendy chick. You can wear them with a more alternative character. A simple example is to wear a couple of gothic high heel boots with your basic black legging. An other option is to wear a short black gothic dress !
( Check my outfit with Bellatrix dress, you can find many dresses at the website, they are affordable and with a high quality).

4 Stop make up your face like you’re going to a masquerade party. Girl you’re not a protagonist of American Horror Story, stop spread the fear around by looking like you came out from the Freak Show! In the morning , one dark eye-shadow with eyeliner and a nude color lipstick are good enough! Better keep your black lipstick and your moon drawing for evening and the night hours.

5 Choose a female special perfume and be always groomed! My grandma used to tell me that the nails, the shoes and the hair of a chic woman always have to be perfect, clean and groomed.

Finally the key of being sexy and alternative is manage to combine your dynamism and your feminity.You have the guts to dress like you want, with the style that represents your personality and highlight your female side at the same time. To be sexy doesn’t make you less alternative but more stylish!

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