We are all Sinisters!

In collaboration with Sinister!

I used to know for a long time Sinister brand but only as a name, until my gaze fell upon its website…Then I realized that Sinister is so much…me.
Sinister is the kind of brand that I was searching for a really long time. Most of their products match perfectly with my Nu Romantic Goth style and that’s one of the reasons made me prefer them.

If you take a careful look on Sinister’s website you will have the sense that you have just opened an elegant woman’s closet of Victorian Era. Sinister clothes are the definition of Victorian Romantic Goth.

When I was to open the parcel they sent me I was extremely curious about what there was inside and as I finally unpacked the products I felt dumbfounded.
The thing that I love the most was the black tulle veil. I wore it immediately upon my head and I kept unpacking the rest of the packages. I always loved the “Evil Bride” look and that’s what I felt by wearing that baby. It made me feel I want to get married and the only thing was missing me was Rob Halford to sing for me the “Black Wedding”!


My second surprise came when I saw the beautiful long black and purple lacy dress. What I love about it was the fact that I can wear it in the summertime! It’s a really cool cloth due to its lining and it’s also designed with a high-quality lace. The perfect dress to keep your Romantic Gothic style under the burning sun! I thought it suits totally with the black veil and that’s why I chose this outfit for my photoshoot.




Another outfit that Sinister sent me was a black velvet and lacy set. It contains a tank top and a short Lolita skirt. I usually don’t wear short skirts anymore but that set made me want to experimentize with my style. It was the time to get out of my comfort zone! I like the length of the skirt and the lacy details upon the black velvet of the top. They are so elegant! I decided to try a Gothic Lolita look and I combined the set with a lacy tight and my high heels. The result was amazing!






To conclude, the impression that Sinister gave me was beyond my expectations. The quality of their fabrics is really high, the design is indeed impressive full of details and Baroque motives as well as in Sinister you can find Romantic Gothic clothes for every season! Isn’t this awesome?

What are you waiting for, run over to Sinister’s website right now!

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